Jeff Bogue

Dr. Jeff Bogue is the senior pastor of Grace Church of Greater Akron, where he has served with his wife, Heidi, since 1993. He leads an excellent team of staff...

Gary Underwood

Gary Underwood leads the Ellet Campus and lives in Uniontown with his wife, Jennie, and their kids Alli, Luke, and Julie.  Gary has a relentless passion to see the church...

Aaron Key

Aaron Key serves as Pastoral Resident at the Ellet Campus, working primarily with Student Ministries, Creative Arts, and Launch Team Development.  Aaron and his wife Melinda live in Akron, Ohio...

Christina Martin

Christina serves as the Power Kids Coordinator for the Ellet Campus.  Christina and her husband Shawn live in Uniontown, Ohio, with their three kids, MacKenzie, Joshua, and Courtney.

Chad Wimberly

Chad leads the Worship & Tech areas for the Ellet Campus.  Chad and his wife, Olivia, have been a part of Grace Church for many years and very involved in...

Olivia Wimberly

Olivia Wimberly rocks!

Lesley Starcher

Lesley Starcher is fantastic and she smiles a lot!