We live in a world that tells us to take care of self.  To “be myself.”  To love myself.  To look out for “number one,” a phrase we all know that refers to myself, yours truly, and the person I see in the mirror every day.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve reflected on what it means to do life by faith in God.  I’ve looked at some examples of people who were respected and rewarded for their faith.

These people were not obsessed with themselves.  Rather, they were willing to deny themselves… to give of themselves… to put the interests of others above themselves.

I encountered the apparently-humbling words of Moses.  History – both Biblically and Globally – respects Moses as a legendary leader, teacher, and revolutionary.

And yet Moses asks God this pointed question – “Who am I?”

Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt??”  (Exodus 3:11).

Yes, Moses.  Who are you, indeed.  Perhaps you doubt your abilities, your place in this world, your calling to do something that requires risk and faith and sacrifice.

Who are you, Moses?  Perhaps you’re afraid of failure, scared of the conflict, aware of the cost.

Who are you, Moses?  Couldn’t someone else be more prepared, more skilled, more gifted, and more available?

Who are you, Moses?  Shouldn’t God ask someone else with a better track record?  Someone who isn’t ashamed of his past or conflicted about his country?

Who are you, Moses?  Don’t you need more training?  Don’t you need more religion?  Don’t you need a few classes in public speaking, confict management, organizational leadership, or Egyptian magic?

Interesting… God doesn’t answer Moses’ question and quest for identity.

It’s not about Moses.  It’s not about his qualifications, his resume, his confidence, or his heritage.

God’s response to Moses’ self doubts or fears goes like this… “I will be with you.”

You see, the most important thing about Moses’ life and ours is that God is with us.  The most important thing about your identity, your choices, your future… it’s not you.  It’s Him!

The one who created you is the one who designed your identity, your personality, your life’s timeline and circumstances… and He should be the one to lead our quest for identity and purpose.

Who are you, anyway?

If it’s just about me, then it’s easy to lose hope, lose heart, and question everything as if it all revolves around me.  If it’s just my fears and my expectations, then I totally miss the point and the joy of why I was created!  If it’s just about you, then you’ll never truly see God as a loving, relational, ever-present Father who made you for a life that’s greater than you can possibly imagine!

But… If you remember the promise that God is with you, then you can choose to rest in Him and His plans…

He will take care of you.

He will sharpen you for His purposes.

He will bless you like nobody’s business.

No matter what – He is with you!

And who was Moses?  Well, God was with Him.