Stories are powerful.  Your life story can impact the lives of others.  You’ve experienced some incredible things in life – victory, pain, love, loss, change…

Some of our stories and lives have been transformed forever by the presence of God.  Some of our stories and lives help other people see the power and love of God!

From March 19 through April 9 (4-weeks), we will be talking about those incredible “before and after” moments that changed the direction of our lives and our stories.  We will look at personal examples of people today – some from Ellet – who have seen God loving them enough to write His story in our lives.  Perhaps our lives will change as a result of starting to share our stories!

Your story is unique to you.  Your story is a gift from God.  Your story has many pages yet to be written in the choices, relationships, and commitments you make.

Join us on Sunday mornings as we explore stories of life change from the Bible and from our friends here at Grace Church!