Giving It Away means doing good, it means action, it means proactively taking steps to help other people at their point of need. It means doing hard things and going hard places. It also means sharing Jesus. It means sharing all of the incredible things that Jesus has done in and around our lives, and spreading that incredible story with others. Giving It Away uniquely combines our actions with our words, our faith with our life.

Our goal here at Grace is to empower people to give away the story of Jesus to those around them in response to their own relationship with God.

We believe that God helps us so that we can help others. If we aren’t leveraging who we are and what we’ve been given to make a difference, we’re missing the point.

Knowing the story of Jesus, living the story of Jesus, and giving away the story of Jesus are the three components of following Jesus, and we must do all three in an equal balance. In the same way that a three-legged stool won’t stand up if one the legs is too short or missing, our lives will be out of balance if one of these three things is lacking or missing altogether.


Our family is our first neighbor, our most important ministry. It’s exciting to think about changing the world, but we would miss the point if we neglected our first ministry, our family.
Who in my family can I serve this week: Parents, siblings, spouse,children, grandparents, extended family? How can I care for them: physically, emotionally, spiritually?

Our neighbor is anyone who crosses our natural pathways of life: people in our neighborhoods, co-workers, our servers at restaurants. Everyone we encounter has an eternal destiny, and we are called to influence it through loving, relational acts of service.
Who in my natural path of life can I serve this week: co-workers, neighbors, classmates, teachers, professors, store clerks? How can I care for them: physically, emotionally, spiritually?