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Let's Go

Where’s the passion? Where’s the power? Where can we discover hope for the future? As we begin 2018, join us for a series about God’s desire for how we direct our lives.

We find power, wisdom, and encouragement as we embrace the reality of God’s Holy Spirit. In every situation, every relationship, and every season.. we can commit to pray, give, and serve in ways that unleash the power of God in our world.

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Assume I Know Nothing

There are some universal questions we all satisfy in one way or another. And one of them is the question of spirituality. Is there a God? Who is he? What is he like? And what does he have to do with me?

Many of us didn’t grow up going to church, and most of us who did would probably say we don’t know the story of the Bible, or even know God, as well as we wish we did. For those of us who did grow up in church, we still wish we could explain the Bible and God’s story in simple terms for our friends.

The upcoming series, Assume I Know Nothing, is a telling of the grand story of God straight from the Bible. We’ll get an overview of who He is, and how He interacts with humanity. As the New Year kicks off, this 7-week series is a great opportunity to set spiritual goals. We invite you to come with an open mind and experience the story of God in a new way.

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State of the Church 2017

Each year we set aside time during the State of the Church to look back on the last ministry season and celebrate all God has done. We also look forward to how God is calling Grace Church to be a part of His amazing story in our time and place in history.

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Fool Proof

In this series, we will be exploring the concept of wisdom through the book of Proverbs. Wisdom is meant to be so much more than knowledge or morality. It is the skill of living and gives us the ability to flourish regardless of our circumstances.

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Spiritual Acts and Why We Do Them

We do all sorts of activities throughout our days. Some are just based on pure, physical survival – making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to feed yourself, going to the gym, making sure we drink enough water. You know, the basics.

But there are some physical actions that create a spiritual climate in our lives. The act of doing them has benefits beyond the physical, beyond what meets the eye.

In our series, Spiritual Acts and Why We Do Them, we’ll be taking a look at worship, baptism and communion, and how these spiritual acts connect us to God and open us up to the life change He offers.

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